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Solutions Coming From Brilliant Minds

brilliant minds innovationWhat do you think of when you want to go somewhere in style? What comes to mind for you; buying new clothes, riding in a limousine, booking a high end vacation with 24 hour catering service so all your needs can be met around the clock. Do all of the above rank high on your list? If you are celebrating an exceptional occasion then hiring a stretch limo, party bus or town car is a great idea, and don’t forget all the fixings that come with it. You don’t want to go half way for a special event. After all if you ordered an ice cream sundae would you skip the whipped cream and cherry?

Of course not – don’t be ridiculous!

Although we all should have the luxury of figuring out how to best express our personal panache, there are other issues at hand. Years ago there was an article written in Wired magazine that spoke to the concerns of over population. There are so many new worries taking up the headlines these days that the growing world population doesn’t loom as large as it used to in the minds of most people.

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