Solutions Coming From Brilliant Minds

brilliant minds innovationWhat do you think of when you want to go somewhere in style? What comes to mind for you; buying new clothes, riding in a limousine, booking a high end vacation with 24 hour catering service so all your needs can be met around the clock. Do all of the above rank high on your list? If you are celebrating an exceptional occasion then hiring a stretch limo, party bus or town car is a great idea, and don’t forget all the fixings that come with it. You don’t want to go half way for a special event. After all if you ordered an ice cream sundae would you skip the whipped cream and cherry?

Of course not – don’t be ridiculous!

Although we all should have the luxury of figuring out how to best express our personal panache, there are other issues at hand. Years ago there was an article written in Wired magazine that spoke to the concerns of over population. There are so many new worries taking up the headlines these days that the growing world population doesn’t loom as large as it used to in the minds of most people.

There are still articles written daily stating that world overpopulation is a bigger threat than climate or terrorism, but those articles don’t get the attention they have in the past. This author believes that people feel helpless to make much of a difference anyway, so they see such pieces as nay saying and negative.

The interesting point about the Wired article was they wrote from the premise that with more people on the planet there would be more brilliant minds to solve the myriad of problems, thereby making for a better world.

We are never given a problem we can’t solve, and it’s proving true that we can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking that created them. So with the number of innovative and inventive thinkers from every part of the planet, we are discovering and incorporating solutions to some of the major difficulties facing the masses.

In a series of articles I want to address impressive solutions currently being offered to solve a looming worldwide problem. Today’s article is about water. We all know that getting clean water to many parts of Africa has been an ongoing challenge. With the number of disease related illnesses attributed to the lack of clean drinking water some of the greatest minds on the globe have focused on solving this problem. With widespread awareness more and more people have offered ingenious solutions.

Warka Water Towers Designer Arturo Vittori and his colleague Andrea Vogler say just one of their towers can bring 25 gallons of fresh water to a village daily. The Warka Water Tower looks more like a piece of sculptured art than a water system. It stands 30 feet high and essentially extracts clean water from the air through condensation. It’s a simple and inexpensive technology that is constructed out of basic materials. It’s designed with attention to every detail to assure that it serves its functional purpose.

The tower acts as a collection vessel and is comprised of lightweight and elastic materials. Flexible stalks are woven into a durable pattern to stand up to winds keeping it sturdy in gusty weather. Employing a mesh net placed inside the vessel, it acts as a water collection agent. As cold air condenses, droplets of dew travel along the interior netting to a container at the bottom where it is passed through a hose to a faucet. A clean water delivery system that saves lives and allows for sustainable food cultivation is as close as a spigot.

So in conclusion more people, more problems, but more creative and innovative solutions. As the world’s population grows so do the number of ingenious imaginations and we prove that necessity is the mother of invention. There may always be big issues, but there will also always be solutions coming from brilliant minds.

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