Focused and Flexible – 6 Ways to Get Both

successGetting a bead on something and going for it with passion and zeal can be the perfect path to success. When first embarking on an endeavor of some magnitude, it’s vital to be clearly in focus on the intended outcome, but remain flexible along the way.

Recently our limousine company needed an overhaul. We started the refurbishment as if it were a brand new company. We updated much of our fleet and decided to hire additional drivers. It took a lot of focus and flexibility to attain this type of growth, and it’s paying off.

As is the case with most things businesses grow in all directions and the luxury car rental space is no exception. Keeping up with our growing limo company has been a great learning experience and a big task to undertake. We knew what we wanted, but had to get there in ways that weren’t always as expected.

Steps in developing a business can be exciting and daunting at the same time. It seems like the ally of focus plays an especially important role in getting the ground work laid properly. When there is a vision, focus has something to anchor onto and develop from. Starting with a vision is essential to focus.

Three ways to begin to create laser beam focus are:

Focus#1 Be clear – write down intentions in detail. Having a precise plan to work from allows the details to fall into place more completely.

With any construction there must be an architect initializing the framework from which to build. Knowing what the general picture is before the entire process goes into motion gives the development a course to follow.

#2 Write short term and long term goals. Goals and intentions are kissing cousins. Intentions are the agenda in which goals can be devised. Be reasonable, but stretch a little, too. Reach one set of goals before going for others. Don’t trip over the plan.

#3 Approach the process with a calm, confident knowing. Having purpose can create calm. A wonderful quote: “When you meet life with calm and you meet life with presence and peace, all of a sudden, out of the box solutions begin to make themselves known to you.” . . . Author unknown.

Along the way flexibility is a key player in any plan. Without it, the rigidity of things having to be a certain way can get in the path of progress. Don’t give up on a vision or a mission; just know being mutable within a course of action can be an asset. Plans don’t always go according to hopes and desires. Keeping focused and flexible is a winning combination to achievement.

Three ways to remain flexible are:

flexible#1 Stay open minded
It’s hard to be objective when the work is near and dear to the originator. Scrutinize with an open mind new approaches that might be better than the original thinking.

#2 Go with the flow, be adaptable
Sometimes changes come up from an area outside of one’s immediate control. It may be the best thing that could happen, so with the original intentions in mind – go with it and see where it leads. Naturally having the right attitude makes all the difference.

#3 Create less stress,
If there is less stress, it’s healthier and likely there will be more productivity and solutions. Continually widen the vision. Thinking rigidly creates stress and can be the culprit when it comes to loosing ground rather than gaining.

It can be a difficult task to be focused and flexible at the same time. But for the overall well-being of you and your business – let it flow. Being focused and flexible has allowed us to roll out our “new” limo service without tearing a single hair out of our heads!
There is real power in focused flexibility – use it in your business and lifestyle.